Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Paper Penguins

My group was making penguins made of paper, here is the work that I did.

Paper Penguins

1. Read the story “Paper Penguins” on page 25.

2. Discuss with your group any words that you didn’t understand or found tricky.
Write the word, its definition, and use it in a sentence in the chart below.

Pictures to show you how to do something.
I use the diagrams to do origami.
Unit of measurement
the piece of paper is 5 centimetres long.

3. Look for any words that you can’t spell and write them in the chart below. Use the word in a sentence.

I like to watch the penguins flap their arms in the water
when they use their sword i buy it for $5 dollars
when i went origami I made a samurai
I like playing with loom band for 5 years

4. Make the origami penguin.

5. Where does origami come from?
Find a map of this country and post it on your blog with a comment about what origami is (use the links on your reading group page).

6. Choose one other design to make.

7. Listen to the recording by clicking on the link below. Write down every word you hear in the box! (I’ve started it for you!)

The Big Black Whale. By James K. Baxter.

I wish I were a big black whale out in the deep green sea.he blows like a hose through the top of his nose is are whale can be and the salis were wen herd his tail go smack smack smack and the big black waves out in the green sea.

8. If you finish everything else, you may make a presentation about Japan to put on your blog. Make sure you animate it!

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