Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tonga vs New Zealand

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On the 11th of November Tonga became the first tier-two rugby league nation in history to defeat a tier-one nation, beating New Zealand 28-22. With an  extraordinary second-half display in today's World Cup clash in Hamilton this game took part in The game took part in  FMG Stadium in Hamilton, New Zealand .

With a start to the game the kiwis kick off Andrew fifita catches and brings a large amount of force into the kiwis line, Then Taukeiaho with a penalty, New Zealand try’s then another and another, half time 16 - 2, lolohea kicks fusitu'a catches then a beautiful try and a second after that then the third then the fourth
But tuivasa-sheck with a try from kiwis the a finishing try from tonga

Jason Taumalolo and Andrew Fifita played with extreme force to against kiwis line but David Fusitu’a with  astonishing Try’s straight from the second half and Tuimoala Lolohea with a beautiful intercept And finishing with a try. When Tonga won words commentators said “What a game of extreme Power and mind to each side.

My five favorite players are Jason taumalolo, Andrew Fifita, Sio Siua Taukeiaho, David Fusitua, Konrad hurrell. Sadly I watched it at home, But is was funny and me my brother and my dad were jumping around after the first try in the second half my dad was jumping so high that he hit the light we were cracking up.

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  1. Hi Bobby,
    I enjoyed watching this game. I wished the Kiwis had won though especially since they were leading at half time. But I'm also happy for Mate Ma Tonga too. I think they Tongan team will play Australia in the finals. What do you think?

    From Miss Lavakula