Thursday, 27 September 2018

Move Your Body

From the past weeks we have been practicing a dance. the dance we learned i just thought of on the spot from listening to the song. (Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre) when my group Justus, Toni, Richard, and me first started our adventure of learning this new dance we thought that we were going to fail and everybody was gonna laugh at us, but I told my group to not worry and just to do it because it looked great. in between weeks of learning our dance we still had pretty much nothing and we were all angry at each other. on the last week we had to practice we were going good and had our dance finish and were just rehearsing our dance over and adding finishing touches. I woke up Feeling great had a shower ate breakfast and went to school feeling like a boss when i arrived at school i started feeling weird. we did our normal morning routine and my stomach got worse and we went into the hall and the first class was chosen and my favorite group was Kosini's group was second to perform and it was funny and cool it was pretty different to all the the other cultural groups there were. most of the cultural  groups were Tongan an Samoan but Kosini's group was Fijian. then it was my class's turn  and my group was the first group to go up and when we went up there we did our we took it out we were smiling the whole way through and most importantly we had a blast. 

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